Like many pet owner's, we assumed the food we fed our Boston Terrier, Oliver, was top notch.  After all, it came packaged in a fancy bag, and it was more expensive than most brands. We trusted the pet food industry was highly regulated, and therefore, Oliver must be consuming an optimal canine diet.

Oliver started showing signs of being "unhealthy," at a fairly young age. After many costly trips to our family Vet, we began questioning what we were placing into his food dish.  Being a curious individual, I started researching the commercial pet food industry.  What I found was a bunch of intentionally confusing, industry specific language.  The more knowledge I acquired -

the more I became concerned. 


Pet food labels can be lengthy, and often use ingredient splitting to mask high starchy fillers & known pet food allergens.  I could write an entire book on this subject matter, and perhaps someday I will.  But in the beginning, I was merely determined to heal Oliver, inside-out, by finding a healthier, yet budget friendly diet.  And that I did!  Winner, winner... Oliver requires a limited ingredient, allergen friendly dinner!  It's important to note that a canine's or feline's diet requirements/restrictions can vary, just as it does in their humans!  


After dedicating several years of my life to researching the commercial pet food industry- manufacturers, food & treat processing procedures, ingredient panels & Guaranteed Analysis labels; I was able to turn my passion for my pet into a greater purpose for all pets!  Good Fur Me was born, in 2017.